Portable Spectrometer

To validate and calibrate data collected with the airborne remote sensing technologies, IES researchers use a portable spectrometer. It is also suited for assessment of forest vitality, mineral detection, investigation of water bodies, monitoring of climate change and many other applications.

The spectrometer is appropriate for hyperspectral data collection. The spectral resolution of spectrometer is 3,5nm (350-1000nm), 10nm @ 1500nm, 7nm @ 2100nm. It can operate in the spectral range from 380nm to 2500nm. The technology is packed in a special backpack and it is managed by a handled computer. It is possible to add narrow (2-5 degrees) vision angle lens, so it can be used to assess the diffuse solar radiation.

Illustration 1: Application of the portable spectrometer for the estimation of Giant Hogweed biomass