IES develops cosmetic ingredients from medicinal plant processing by-products


In summer 2020, researchers from the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) launched the study to develop high added value bioactive cosmetic ingredients from by-products of medicinal plant processing and plant cell cultivation. The growing human population also creates increasing demand fo…

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IES research development of natural fish resources in Latvian and Estonian lakes


During the autumn and winter seasons of 2020 Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) post-doctorate Katrit Karus continued comprehensive research on food webs in Latvian and Estonian lakes by estimating the development of natural fish resources. Research is carried out in 8 lakes, 4 in Estonia…

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IES will cultivate three endangered medicinal plant species


In summer 2020, researchers from the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) launched the study on commercial propagation of endangered medicinal and aromatic plants by using tissue culture method. This approach will provide an opportunity to cultivate endangered species in organic farming.…

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IES teaches to use Earth observation for strategic decision making


The Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) in cooperation with European Space Agency and Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia provides support for key decision-makers to raise awareness of Earth observation and Remote Sensing use in different areas - regional and urban…

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IES use acoustic sensor networks for wild animal counting


Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) for wild animal counting use passive acoustic sensor networks (microphones) as well as other innovative technological solutions - drones, motion-activated camera traps and deer tracking with GPS transmitters. IES test the technologies in cooperation with…

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Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich - newest member of the Copernicus satellites launched


On 21st of November, the Copernicus satellite Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich was successfully launched, joining the other 7 Copernicus Sentinel satellite fleet in orbit. The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite will provide highly accurate sea level measurements and ensure that climate rec…

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IES shares experience on development of innovation ecosystem in regions


On the 27th of October, Inese Suija – Markova, managing director of the Institute for Environmental Solutions will participate online conference INNO INFRA SARE to share IES’s knowledge and experience on development of research and innovation infrastructure in Vidzeme region. The con…

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Video: Bioeconomy innovations in regions by Institute for Environmental Solutions


The Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) is convinced that agriculture in Latvia is able to transform to develop higher value-added products and generate higher economic returns. At the same time, operating in a more environmentally and human-friendly manner. This belief is rooted in a scie…

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