Travelling exhibition - science goes out of labs


On Tuesday, 4th July the opening ceremony of travelling exhibition “Beyond the Lab: the DIY Science Revolution” took place in the IES’s owned Cēsis castle manor. On display are stories about 7 ordinary people who have moved science from its natural habitat – laboratory to t…

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Developing innovative approach for land cover mapping in Latvia using Sentinel-2 satellite information


The Corine Land Cover (CLC) initiative uses remote sensing data to map land cover (LC) at the European level every six years. CLC is useful for observing continental trends; however higher spatial resolution, improved accuracy, inclusion of local classes and more frequent updates are necessary for…

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Sharing IES’s knowledge and expertise in environmental research using smart technologies


On 16 June 2017, the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) welcomed 30 students of master’s degree from the Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of Latvia. They were curious about IES’s approach in mapping and assessment of different ecosystems and natural resource…

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First tests of Sentinel-3 data capabilities for assessment of complex coastal areas in the Baltic Sea


Remote sensing is becoming an increasingly reliable technique for the assessment of water environments, however, Latvia lacks a strong track record of using satellite data for continued water quality monitoring. In 2015, a year before the launch of Sentinel-3 satellite, the Institute for Environme…

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Sharing the IES's best practice in the Launch event of Copernicus Relays and Academy in Brussels


On the 6th of June, 2017 Inese Suija-Markova, the managing director of the Institute for Environmental Solutions travelled to Brussels to represent Latvia in the Launch event of Copernicus Relays and Copernicus Academy event in which she was also invited to give the speech of IES's best practi…

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IES's researchers share their knowledge in LC / LU and grassland mapping using advanced remote sensing


On 11 April 2017, the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) hosted the seminar for potential end-users of satellite and airborne remote sensing data for Land Use and Land Cover (LC / LU) mapping in Latvia. The key speakers of the seminar were IES’s leading researcher Dainis Jakovels, C…

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IES announces 8 emerging artists who will represent Latvia in JCE Biennale 2017/2019


Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) together with Kaņepes Culture Centre and Latvian jury of art experts and professionals have selected eight most talented young artists from Latvia to participate in the Young Artists Biennale - Jeune Création Européenne (JCE) 2017/2019.…

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IES's researchers won the Best Poster Award in the ESA World Cover 2017 conference


The IES's researchers Dainis Jakovels, Agris Brauns, Jevgenijs Fiļipovs, Juris Taškovs, Roberts Rotbergs in collaboration with researcher Kārlis Zālīte from Tartu Observatory have created the poster "Assessment and monitoring of grasslands in Latvia: exploring the capabilities of S…

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