IES shares water research knowledge in the International Society of Limnology Congress in China


From the 19th to 24th of August 2018, Nanjing in China hosted one of the biggest lake research conferences in the World – XXXIV International Society of Limnology Congress, where the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) together with the Tartu Observatory shared knowledge in resear…

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IES leading researcher Ilva Nakurte receives L'Oréal Baltic fellowship “Women in Science”


On the 5th of June, in a solemn ceremony at the Latvian Academy of Science, leading researcher of the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) Dr. Ilva Nakurte received 6000 eur L'Oréal Baltic for Women in Science fellowship for determination of pigments used in traditional textile d…

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Developing Earth Observation training program for key decision- makers in Baltics


To increase the Baltic region’s high-ranking public and private decision-maker comprehension of EO opportunities through political, operational, economic and environmental benefits, the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) will develop new training program and will organize two pilot…

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IES’s ethnobotany team joins research expeditions in Baltics and Scandinavia


Starting from the 16th of July, ethnobotany team from the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) joins the ethnobotany research series led by Prof. Dr. Renata Sõukand from the Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia. The first expedition is taking place in Lithuania.  …

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Sentinel data helps to detect the start and spread of a massive fire in Adazi military zone in Latvia


Copernicus Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellite data was used to detect the outbreak and spread of fire within Adazi military base in Latvia. The fire spread across 800 hectares damaging forests, grasslands, and wetland areas. Using Sentinel data, earth observation researchers from the Institute fo…

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The traveling exhibition of the Contemporary Art Biennale is now open in Cesis


With an impressive performance of Raitis Hrolovičs on June 29th, the traveling exhibition of the Contemporary Young Artist Biennale (JCE. Jeune Création Européenne) was opened in Cesis Art, Science, and Gastronomy Centre BRŪZIS. Gabrielle Felury and Andrea Ponsini – the re…

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Building bio-economy cluster and innovation ecosystem in the Vidzeme region


The Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) in cooperation with Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR) and bio-economy experts organized a meeting to continue a development of bio-economy innovation ecosystem in the Vidzeme region in Latvia.  Bio-economy includes economic activities that utilize…

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IES tests a phosphorus filter for reduction of harmful inflows in the Baltic Sea


Eutrophication is a major problem in the Baltic Sea. It is caused by the nutrient inflows coming from human activities. Phosphorus is widely used as a fertilizer to increase agricultural crop yields. The biggest rivers bring 20 000 tons of phosphorus in the Baltic sea each year, which lead…

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