IES helps Wonderhouse kids broaden their horizons


On June 17 IES was delighted to host 30 enthusiastic new researchers and cultivate their interest in science through practical excercises. The event was part of a camp organised by the "WonderHouse" society and gathered children aged 7 to 12 years old. IES's researchers and s…

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River restoration improves the living conditions for the corncrake and other endangered species


Restoration of a straightened section of Dviete River marks the completion of Dviete floodplain restoration. Many different activities have been carried out, but the success is symbolised by the return of the endangered corncrake’s (Crex crex) song in Dviete and the presence of thousands of…

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After two years waiting IES starts to implement space projects


After signing the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Plan for European Cooperating State (PECS Charter), Latvia is finally ready to implement its first space projects. Currently, Latvia participates in three ESA activities – earth observation, space technologies and education, covering topi…

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IES’s CEO discussing the development of space industry in Latvia


As a part of the European Space Expo Riga, on 5 May IES’s CEO Inese Suija-Markova participates in the Day of Space Expo’s Government and Parliament alongside Members of Parliament, Ministers and State Secretaries to exchanges views on policy requirements needed for the space industry&r…

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IES Takes Part in European Space Expo Riga


The largest travelling European Space Expo exhibition opens its doors to the visitors from 30 April to 10 May in Riga. As a part of the exhibition, on 1 May IES leading researcher Dr.Phys. Dainis Jakovels will speak about Satellite data support for land cover/land use monitoring and forest managem…

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IES starts the Project „Enhancing Society’s Understanding about Climate Change Effects on Lakes in Latvia”


On the 22nd of April 2015, the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) signed an agreement with the State Regional Development Agency on implementation of the project „Enhancing Society’s Understanding about Climate Change Effects on Lakes in Latvia” co-funded by European Eco…

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Leading researcher will speak about bison reintroduction at the conference „Landscape, Wilderness and The Wild” Newcastle University, UK


On March 28 IES’s leading researcher Anita Zarina will speak at the conference „Landscape, Wilderness and The Wild” that will be hold in Newcastle University, UK. The theme of A.Zarina’s presentation will be “Becoming bison: the precedent of wilderness in the Latvian…

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IES's leading researcher as guest speaker within the International young scientist conference in Riga


IES's leading researcher Dainis Jakovels is invited to speak in the 11th International young scientist conference "Developments in Optics and Communications 2015" that will be held on April 8 - 10, 2015 in Riga. The title of his speach: Applications of airborne optical remote sensing…

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